Solved: Suggestions For Installing Mount-Nas On Windows

In some cases, your system may display an error code indicating that the NAS is mounted on Windows. There can be several reasons for this problem.

Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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    Productivity in the workplace really matters and there is no better choice than website sharing. It is always recommended to store documents, files and all resources that colleagues need on a dedicated network, which is usually a folder / directory or drive on a PC. Thus, everyone who has a shared resource should have access to these resources without leaving their workplace.

    This is useful not only in a production environment. Just like you can do with a NAS (network drive) or even a connected Raspberry Pi with a tough profit to get your data like music technology, movies, pictures, documents, etc., it is easy that you can buy it anyone who can also always access the mapped drive on your system. The assigned network template appears on your computer just like any other drive (for example, drive C :). Here, let’s take a look at the process.

    How To Map A Network Drive In Windows 10

    How do I mount a NAS drive in Windows?

    Open File Explorer from the taskbar or start menu, or press Windows logo key + E.Select this PC in the left pane.Select a drive letter from the list of drives.In the folder box, enter the direction of the folder or computer, or select Browse to find a file or computer.

    OR On the Computers tab, click the Network Usage Map icon

    Select Enter letter (non-payment of Z :). It is advisable to look at something tall that does not interfere with the removable storage.

    Click the Browse button in all zones and folders – navigate to the network share you want to map when using a network drive, then click OK.

    mount nas in windows

    OR you can enter the path to the shared network folder (example: server share

    By default, the Reconnect at Login check box is selected. This ensures that the connected drive will always be available to you without a doubt. Uncheck the box if you don’t like it.

    Can I mount a NAS as a drive?

    You can add a Network Attached Storage (NAS) archiving system to support these operations. Your NAS can be in any disk format you choose.

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    Select the Connect using different credentials checkbox if you need different credentials to view the network share. You may be asked about the networking details that have been documented. The connection information that you should read here is the username and code of the PC you want to connect to.

    mount nas in windows

    After you work on this, the mapped drive should look just like the other disc in My Computer. Clicking on it can open the contents of that particular network share. If you think you no longer need the assigned gain, right-click it and optionally select Disable.


    Synology NAS is designed to quickly and / or easily store and share archives on your local network, so you can access files in shared folders directly and on your Synology NAS without having to connect to DSM every time. For example, you can save files to your Synology NAS using Windows Explorer just like any other network device. C

    Assign Windows Explorer

    1. Open the right window of Windows Explorer and go to the Computer section.
    2. Click Map Network Drive. With this behavior, the Network Drive Map window appears.
    3. On the Map Network Drive windscreen, select a drive letter from the Drive drop-down menu.
    4. In the Folder field, enter the name of your Synology NAS and the name of the completed folder, prefixed and separated by backslashes. For example, if the hostname of your Synology NAS is valid For example “DiskStation” and your folder name is “Share1”, your site should enter “ DiskStation Share1”. When finished, click Finish.
    5. Enter your DSM password and username.
    6. Can’t access the shared folder type? The user you enter here must have legal access protection for the shared folder you want to access.

    7. Finally, the Windows Explorer Truck window appears. Your shared folder will be displayed and then available in the “Computer” section.

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  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan PC"
  • 3. Click "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • The best home NAS is great for file storage, and the easiest way to access a Windows 10 like this is to plug your mainframe drive into your operating system. Instead of connecting to the NAS through a single browser, the connected drive can act as an SSD or local hard drive and provide efficient access.

    How To Map A Network Drive

    Root reason for mapping a network drive: Windows 10 installation has always been easy. It’s much more convenient to just open the explorer windows and click the connected drive, rather than just go into the browser to turn on the NAS.

    By using this Synology Assistant package, you can Create a street map on a network drive using the main official software, but it takes the same number of steps and I recommend doing it through Windows Explorer.>

    1. One

      Windows Start Your Windows 10 Computer, Start Windows Explorer.

    2. Click This Computer.
    3. Fully Click The Network Drive Map.

      Source: Central

    4. For Windows, Select The Full Drive Letter From The Drop-down Menu.
    5. Enter SERVER SHARE In The Folder Box, Good SERVER With NAS IP And SHARE With Shared Directory Name.
    6. Click Finish.
    7. Enter Your Synology NAS Username And Password In The Windows Accreditation Pop-up Window.

    How do I mount a NAS drive in Windows 10?

    Open Windows Explorer on the appropriate Windows 10 PC.Click on your computer.Click Match Network Gain.Select a drive letter from the drop-down menu.Enter SERVER SHARE in the file field and replace SERVER with the NAS’s IP address and SHARE with the current shared folder name.Click Finish.

    The Assigned Network Is Now Shown In Windows Explorer Whenever Local Storage Is Available, So You Can Transfer Files Easily.

    Synology Is Your Assistant

    1. Open Synology Assistant.Windows

      on your Windows Ten PC.

      Can I connect a NAS drive to my PC?

      If you are planning to connect your Synology NAS to your computer via USB, then no, you might not want to. NAS stands for Network Attached Warehousing and connects to a new network. Once a new drive is added as a tech drive, it will appear in your drive list on all of your PC or Mac. If they want to connect your NAS directly, users can do so.

      Source: Central

    2. Click this computer.
    3. Click Synology NAS.
    4. Click Map-Disc.
    5. Enter your NAS credentials.
    6. Select the shared folder for the guide as Your disk.
    7. Select an available progress bar.

      Tip. Select the Rebuild on plug-in checkbox to automatically mount the drive on startup.

    8. Click Finish.

    Best Overall Result

    Synology DiskStation DS220 +

    The latest Synology Dual-Bay NAS Server with Intel technology is a revolutionary piece. Intel’s new chip is more than capable of handling some transcoding (but not 4K), although other tasks you might want to do on your NAS.

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