Troubleshoot And Repair The Xml Boot Disk

Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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    Here are some simple methods that can help you fix your boot disk xml problem. How does DriveImage XML clone a boot drive? With DriveImage XML, you can clone a CD or DVD directly to another hard drive without first creating an image. The DriveImage XML desktop app looks consistent but relatively easy to use. There are three tabs for backup, restore, and storage.


    driveimage is a free disk image processor that makes it easy to back up, restore or copy hard disk partitions. However, restoring a DriveImage XML from a previous backup to a function is not possible if Windows is running. If you try to do this, you will receive an error message “The target partition cannot be the system drive” and some restore operations will not start.

    In this example, you can connect the hard drive to another PC as a slave. Install DriveImage XML and restore the entire disk image from the previous workaround. You can also use one of the following tools to recover each image offline:

    • Use Installation of WinPE bootable media. Instructions for htm (or)
    • with Live Knoppix media. Instructions for

    boot disk driveimage xml

    Knoppix Live Runtime Disk didn’t work on my computer for some reason. So I used WinPE as download and pasted screenshots below.

    boot disk driveimage xml

    Editor’s Note (May 2021): DriveImage XML has outdated user interface and all software seems to be buggy, especially when used in Windows 10 inventions. Personally, I prefer the Macrium Reflect image (free) or Acronis True (commercial) for image / backup.

    Restoring A DriveImage XML Backup Using Windows PE Bootable Media

    After you have created Windows PE bootable media following the instructions on this runtime website, you will see an XML DriveImage icon on your Windows PE desktop.

    (Open each image in the newly purchased tab to see the initial image (in a higher resolution).)

    Run DriveImage and xml click “Restore”. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the recovery process.

    You can also create a live CD or USB stick based on Knoppix and unmount the image from the disc. This iso is available from Runtime Software, the creator of DriveImage XML. Try it. A

    Restore XML DriveImage Backup Using Ultimate Boot CD For Windows

    Note. The following information is out of date (originally written for Windows 7 and earlier). Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is no longer under the author’s control.

    In the “Stay” section, we see how to restore this DriveImage XML backup (which is stored in one of the hard disk partitions) that works with UBCD4Win. The advantage of using UBCD4Win is that it is loaded by default with many plugins in mind, including the XML Player Image plugin.

    1. Download the Ultimate Boot CD for (UBCD4Win) Windows and run it.
    2. Insert the UBCD4Win CD, boot directly into your CD-ROM drive, and load the kit from your CD-ROM drive. Note who should set appropriatelythe current boot sequence in the BIOS.
    3. When loading a click on the UBCD4Win desktop, these XML DriveImage desktop symbols are displayed.
    4. Click “Restore”
    5. Find the XML file for the disk image. This directory is located in the same folder as your previous image backup.
    6. Select the partition where you want to restore the image and click Next.

    7. Read the warning, check the line text as a dialog and click OK.

      Reliability of recovery begins.

      You have successfully restored the previous backup image according to
    8. click DriveImage XML and exit.
    9. Usually remove the UBCD4Win bootable CD from the drive and reboot the system.

    Final Words

    Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan PC"
  • 3. Click "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • Ten years ago, DriveImage XML was an excellent choice for backing up disk images. Not now. As mentioned in this article, DriveImage XML is definitely not the best tool for thinking about backup purposes. Whenever performing network backup and restore to GPT hard disks, errors occurred. Macrium Reflect (free) is a great image saving campaign with many features and an elegant user interface. You can also publish Macrium as Reflect Rescue media from the menu options.

    If you prefer one of our Windows PE bootable media methods for Windows 10 devices, make sure the general public is using the Windows 10 ISO image earlier than 1903. Otherwise, the WinPE media creator returns a read error:

    Second, the ins and outs for offline image recovery on GPT disks should not work way. According to some SuperUser users, if you want to convert to MBR, the disks must be converted for the DriveImage XML reanimation process to work. Otherwise, you may receive the following error:

     Can't help you get the disk layoutUnsuccessful operation. 

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